Private Placement Programs

Our team of specialists in the capital growth markets have over ten years of specialised experience in the emerging but very exclusive world of High Yield, Private placement programs. Private placements programs regularly delivering sustainable returns on capital employed, not available in more traditional investments markets. Investor/Clients enjoy privileged direct access to four of the seven largest licensed traders and trade platforms in the world with our team at all times responsible for providing each client with detailed and personalized opportunities to suit their own circumstances. Depending on the investor/client’s assets, each case will be studied independently and the best way to proceed will be decided collectively with the key intention of optimising their assets by the application of the most safe and sustainable strategy  

Who we work with

Federal Reserve Bank of the US and International Chamber of Commerce Paris for the development of the "Private Placement Programs" and we have direct contact with a Trader´s Office regulated and supervised by the with a prestigious Cutting House to obtain MTNs - BGs "Fresh Cut" at an important discount over the face value thereof.  

Personalised Opportunities

Each potential Investor/client’s submitted application is studied in its singularity by our team and is assessed in every aspect so that the execution leads to the most suitable long-term solution for every investor/client’s circumstances.       


The purpose of this type of trading is to finance projects, not generate tremendous profits for the client. These may be for-profit or non-profit and can be funded as a result of this trading. 



Normal Trading & Private Placement

All trading programs in the Private Placement arena involve trade with such discounted debt notes in some fashion. Further, in order to follow the legal restrictions, this trading can only be done on a private level. This is the main difference between this type of trading and "normal" trading, which is highly regulated. This is a Private Placement level business transaction that is free from the usual restrictions present in the securities market.  

Arbitrage and Leverage

Private Placement trading safety is based on the fact that the transactions are performed as arbitrage transactions. This means that the instruments will be bought and resold immediately with pre-defined prices. A number of buyers and sellers are contracted, including exit-buyers comprising mostly of large financial institutions, insurance companies, or extremely wealthy individuals.    

How Banks and Brokers can Profit

Banks are not allowed to act as clients in such programs. However, they are able to profit indirectly in different ways. This fact permits some private brokers, trading groups, and clients to take part in this process that otherwise would be a banking matter only. The assets coming from private clients are necessary to start the process. These private, large funds are the mandatory requirement for the buy/sell transactions of banking debt instruments. Brokers are necessary to introduce the clients to the trading groups. Thus, each of the involved parties takes their part in the sharing of the benefits, commissions for banks and brokers and proceeds for trading groups and clients).  

Clients Failure

  • They don't have enough money or workable assets.
  • They don't have the money in an acceptable bank.
  • They don't have full control of the money (or of the bank instruments).
  • They don't have a good explanation of the origin of the money.
  • They do not follow the required procedure.
  • They do not collaborate enough with the Trading Group.
  • They delay the delivery of documents or send fake or non-confirmed documents.
  • Their identity cannot be confirmed.
  • They are blacklisted or under investigation